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Natalie Kennedy

Natalie Headshot 7X6A4320 Standard.jpg
Professional photographer/retoucher

I am a professional photographer that can create bespoke photography to suit your needs.  

I specialise in portrait photography as I have an ongoing desire to capture emotion and all the glories of the human countenance.  I believe everyone is beautiful and has a story to tell, which I constantly strive to capture in my images.  It is something that I love and enjoy immensely and it is this passion that drives me in my work.

I constantly strive to be better and to deliver fantastic images.  Your photoshoot is of such importance to me, my goal is to see you walk away delighted with the photos that you receive.  I want you to have a fantastic and positive experience, feeling beautiful in your own unique and wonderful way because all the elements that make up you is special and I want to celebrate it with you in your very own tailored photoshoot.  


Natalie Kennedy


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